Do you teach beginners?
Absolutely! Students of all levels are welcome; whether you are a parent who would like your child to have an engaging and fun teacher, or an adult who would like to return to the instrument after many years, the most important thing is the desire to learn and improve.

How much are lessons?
This is a question best answered via email, so don’t hesitate to get in touch through the inquiry form!

How long are lessons?
The standard length of a lesson is 1 hour, and preferably once a week. But depending on time availability, age, and level, shorter or longer lessons are also definitely possible.

Do you travel to your students’ homes?
I prefer to teach in my studio, but if you would rather have lessons in your home, it is also a possibility. There is a rate adjustment based on where you are located, and we would just have to work out a schedule plan that works for both of us.

I wish to learn pop songs, do you teach styles other than classical?
Yes! I have played classical and jazz my whole life, and ultimately I believe learning piano should be fun, so if you have pieces or songs that you would like to learn, we will find a way to integrate them into your learning assignments. I teach all types of styles, and the great thing is they all require the same attention to detail, and proper technique.